Breakdown Cover: A Service You Can Rely On

Breakdown cover insurance is like having your own personal mechanic on speed dial for whenever you might require assistance. It is like having your own pit crew for those perilous morning and afternoon commutes, whether you drive to a commuter parking lot to catch your shared ride or whether you drive from your home to your business.

What is Breakdown Cover

Another name for breakdown cover is roadside assistance, and it has been around in one form or another almost since the beginning of the availability of automobiles for individuals. Early autos were pretty easy to fix. You could often purchase some wire or rope from a local person and use them to tie down or shore up broken parts. Most early automobile owners were enthusiasts who became adept at fixing their own jalopies. However, sometimes a repair needed something more, so auto owners formed clubs. Those clubs became the early precursors of breakdown insurance companies.

Modern Descendants of Historical Auto Clubs

AA and AAA are two or three modern roadside assistance clubs that are still in operation today. AA stands for Automobile Association, and is a British company, AAA is the American Automobile Association. Both were formed around 1905 and have a long track record of helping people. The other AAA is the Australian Automobile Association, which was formed a few years later. The RAC, Royal Auto Club is a private club. It once owned the RAC, a commercial roadside assistance company, but eventually, the latter became a separate entity. This just goes to show that people who love motor vehicles tend to seek out like-minded associates and that they do tend to help each other. It also shows how a personal passion can grow into a business endeavor that is very much appreciated by motorists everywhere.

Not the Only Roadside Assistance Companies

These venerable associations are not the only roadside assistance companies in operation today. Some are primarily breakdown coverage companies while others are offshoots or services offered to their subscribers by companies that provide other sorts of insurance, such as liability, collision or full coverage auto insurances, or even multi-tasking companies that will insure everything from your business bonds to your kitchen sink. The approach you take when signing on for breakdown cover should reflect your personal and business driving habits and be tailored to your most frequent driving needs.

Kinds of Breakdown Cover

What you get with breakdown cover depends on the provider and on the policy. There are many levels and types of service. The most common is a simple policy that will send a repair person to you when you are in your own country when you are at least ΒΌ mile away from your home. You can extend that to cover your vehicle before it leaves your driveway by adding an At Home policy that will cover mechanical and other problems that can arise before you leave your residence. The standard policies often do not cover extensive commuting. If you are a daily commuter, you should look into commuter breakdown cover. If you use your vehicle for business, such as giving rides or delivering pizza, you will need yet another policy. Finally, if you are motoring across the country or heading into the depths of Europe on vacation, talk to your agent. You can get temporary coverage that will take care of you while you are enjoying yourself.

Look for a Good Fit for You

Different breakdown companies might have different approaches to breakdown insurance. In general, they are often similar. Take the time to read the fine print and talk with your agent so that you are sure your breakdown cover is a good fit for you.